W5YI-VEC license renewals, name and address changes.

CLUB STATION LICENSE RENEWALS Club station licenses may be renewed here electronically ONLY IF there are no changes to the existing FCC license record. If there is any change such as address, trustee or name of the club, a club application must be submitted by Email for processing. If you are the trustee of a club station license and need to file a modification to the club station license you can download our Club Station Application here: Club Station Application PDF

Fill out, sign and return the application to us with a copy of the station license of the trustee for processing. Please be prepared to provide copies of the organizational documents (listed above), as required by FCC rule. If you are making application for a change of trustee, change of address, or change in the name of the club, we require that supporting documentation be submitted reflecting that change. This can be minutes from a club meeting or BOD meeting where the change was voted on or approved for action on the club station license.

Renew your license (if it's within time), change name or address